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Issue: LOAD-TIME-EVAL, Sub-Issue: Displacing macros

re: Personally, I can't imagine how displacing macros can work at all.

Previous mail may have suggested that MacLisp's interpreter used
"displacing macros".  This was not a part of the interpreter; rather, it 
was a common idiom of code produced by the DEFMACRO macro.  Furthermore,
it was not the only option, nor was it the default (as I remember it). 
In fact, years ago I would frequently make "pure" dumps of a MacLisp 
system with lots of intrepreted code stored in it, in read-only areas
(I got it there by calling PURCOPY on the definition of each interpreted
function).  The macro cache feature I selected for this application was 
called MACROMEMO (it worked like Interlisp's CLISPARRAY).

re: But this whole sub-issue aside, all we're really saying is that 
    LOAD-TIME-VALUE should not be done by displacing.


-- JonL --