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Re: Issue: EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL (Version 5)

My two bits worth:

All of Kent's examples of usage of EVAL-WHEN look like good
ones to me also.  So do Sandra's examples.

Perhaps we need two proposals -- one compatible (or almost
compatible?) with CLtL, and one not.

The question of whether you would want to postpone
the action of a defmacro to loadtime is a red herring.
A more useful question is whether a programmer might reasonably want
to postpone *some* action normally done at compiletime so
it is done only at loadtime (using EVAL-WHEN).  Even better
is the question of whether programmers should be able to
control exactly when forms get executed, even when they
themselves expand into EVAL-WHENs.

My answer to this last question is YES, so I favor full ability
to shadow inner EVAL-WHENs over greater compatibility with CLtL.

(EVAL-WHEN (:EXECUTE) . . . )  I don't know.