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CLOS defining macros & compilation

   Date: Thu, 23 Feb 89 15:16:58 PST
   From: kempf@Sun.COM

   >vague.  (Basically, that DEFCLASS makes the class name recognizable as
   >a valid type name in subsequent declarations, but leaving unspecified
   >whether or not real class, method, etc. objects are fully defined at
   >compile-time.)  It may well happen that at some point the MOP

   This is going to put a crimp in the usual style of OO programming, namely
   to define classes at the top of a file, then the methods applicable to
   them thereafter. What you're saying is that this style would be
   potentially nonportable.


Not necessarily. Flavors classes do not get fully defined at compile time. The
compiler notices so much about them so methods can be added to them, and method
combination can be executed. The style that we all use and love can me made
portable, but what happens in the brain of the compiler, and the CLOS
interpreter during a compile-file might not be specified. 
I think that's what Sandra is proposing.