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Re: Issue: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT (Version 2)

This looks generally OK.  One question I have is whether
implementations may extend this construct to do things other than
handle deferred warnings, without requiring the user to explicitly
provide an option to get that behavior.  (Sharing of compilation
environments is a good example.)  

As an editorial nit, I'd like to see something in the proposal itself
to indicate that the purpose of WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT is more general
than just causing warnings to be deferred.  This really goes
hand-in-hand with the above -- if we say that the purpose of
WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT is to tell the compiler that it should treat
multiple calls as relating to the same module or unit, then I think it
would be OK for an implementation to do other things as well.  On the
other hand, if we say that the purpose is only to defer warnings, then
the only thing it should do by default is defer warnings.