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Hello folks

We now have a chairman of the error handling subgroup:  Kent Pitman of
MIT. I think he will make an excellent chairman.  For your information I
am including the current members of the mailing list.

I will now let Kent Pitman take over responsibility for the discussion.

Dave Matthews		HP		"hpfclp!errors%hplabs"@csnet-relay
John Foderaro		Berkeley	jkf@ucbmike.arpa
Thomas Gruber		Univ. of Mass.	gruber.UMass-CS@csnet-relay
Kent Pitman		MIT		kmp@mc
Walter VanRoggen	DEC		wvanroggen@dec-marlboro
Jim Large		PERQ		Jim.Large@cmu-cs-spice
Mary Fontana		TI		fontana.ti-csl@csnet-relay
Carl Hewitt		MIT		hewitt-errors@mc
Jerry Barber		Gold Hill	jerryb@mc
Bob Kerns		Symbolics	rwk@mc
Alice Hartley		BBN		hartley@bbn
David Moon		Symbolics	moon@scrc-stonybrook
Eric Benson		Lucid		eb@su-ai
Dan Weinreb		Symbolics	DLW@scrc-stonybrook
Steve Handerson		CMU		handerson@cmuc
Jim Larus		Berkeley	larus@berkeley
Neal Feinberg		Symbolics	feinberg@scrc-stony-brook