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New year error handling

    Date: 7 Feb 1985 1634-CST
    From: Mary <Fontana%ti-csl.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa>

    I haven't seen anything from this committee since last year in October.
    Have we resolved any of the following? ...

Yes, nothing has been sent recently. As you will recall, the discussion was
not going anywhere because we were
      (a) going in circles on terminology 
 and  (b) speaking at too detailed a level. Handerson's "proposals" were the
          sort of thing that really belonged on CL-OBJECT-ORIENTED-PROGRAMMING,
          where he finally diverted his interest.
In fact, I also wanted to wait a little and see what the object people came 
up with, but that discussion is not moving very quickly either.

So, trying to figure out how to salvage this design effort, I went back to
the drawing board and worked out a complete proposal (and implemented it 
in Maclisp to see how it feels -- which was pretty good). I think it will
serve as a reasonable basis of discussion. I've been changing jobs over the
last two weeks, so have been slow in getting it out to the list, but I'll
up its priority and try to get it on the record for you all to look at sometime
within the next day or so.