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Sample error system implementation coming soon

Since I'm still pretty busy and don't have whole days to alot, I've managed
to find a few hours here and there to put together a sample implementation.
The total time required was only about 7 hours, including coding, debugging, 
and writing some example code, so if people end up liking the idea but not 
the implementation, it shouldn't be a big deal for them to code up an alternative. 

Snapping it natively into a system instead of structuring it as an add-on might
involve a little more work, of course, since there are infinite possibilities
for adding features once the basic mechanism is in place.

I made notes about the difficulties I had along the way. Many of them are the
same problems that Daniels had, and now that I've done the implementation I
think I can make some better suggestions about what we should do about them.
Further discussion of these issues will follow in a couple of days.

I'm having a couple people play with it locally for a day or two to make 
sure the thing feels respectable before I bother sending it out to everyone.
This preliminary message is just to the alert people who are in a hurry that
we've made progress and that they should have something in their hands soon.

Stay tuned.