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Toy condition-system implementation

I have written a small implementation of a condition system
based on KMP's proposal#5, though with quite a number of modifications.
The modifications fall into one of two categories:
 + Something in KMP's proposal was unworkable
 + I think there is a better way
The differences are summarized in the file notes.text
There is a small file of examples named examples.lisp

I understand that KMP is working on another proposal, though I am
unaware of the proposal's proposed contents.

This code is just for hack value -- I'm not suggesting any
of it is realistic or that one shouldn't do things in a
quite different way.

The code has only been used under symbolics 6.1 and lucid alpha 2.1.1
on a sun, so I have many doubts about its true portability.

You can find it in:
reagan.ai.mit.edu:>mly>clcond>dist5>*.* (reagan is

and for unixoids:
prep.ai.mit.edu:/u/mly/clcond5/dist5.tar (prep is
The tar file is 153600 bytes long, which gives a rough idea of
the overall scale of the code.

I don't think that it is really feasible to mail something
of this size to people who can't FTP.  Sorry.