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Reply to Boyer

I was nominated to moderate the iteration subgroup, but declined the
nomination, on the following grounds: my own preference is for the
status quo, as I have not yet seen any LOOP syntax I can comfortably
endorse.  Therefore I am waiting for another to step forward to
moderate; and if no one does, that would indicate to me that no one
else really wants the LOOP syntax either.

What you would write as
	(for x in l logor x)
I would write as
	(reduce #'logor l)
This is of course not a general argument against LOOP, but the existence
of general mapping and reduction operators in Common LISP should not
be overlooked.

You are correct in stating that Common Lisp does not permit
	(defmacro foo x ...)
More precisely, a valid Common LISP program may not use such
a construct and expect to be portable.  A Common LISP implementation
may, if it wished, support that syntax as a (non-portable)