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Would it be rude and out of place for me to suggest some sort
of census out there on loop?  I'd like to know:

(a)  How many people are sufficiently interested in this topic
to reply with a one digit answer?

(b)  How do they rate the existing loop facility?  How about a
scale of 0 to 4:

4   Keep it just the way it is
3   Permit/make a few minor changes
2   Make the syntax more clispy (maybe parentheses or key words)
          but keep the basic idea
1   Try something really different, e.g. LetS
0   Don't let anything like it pollute the language; use remove-if-not, etc.

Undoubtedly my listing of the issues reflects a big bias for
4.  But I promise to tabulate and the report votes fairly,
like we always do down here in Texas.