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Re: Iteration Status

I'd certainly like to see a loop standard in Common Lisp. In the process
of collecting public domain "Common Lisp" I've run across a fairly large
number of folks who believe that MIT-LISP's LOOP is part of the
standard. We have a large number of Interlisp users who will feel at a
loss without  an equivalent for Interlisp's FOR. Since FOR/LOOP in lisp
is at least 15 years old, it is certainly not "premature" to standardize
on it.

I think that the transition between Interlisp FOR to MIT-LISP LOOP
cleaned up some things, added a lot of features, and left out  an
important one-- the ability to define new operators. It is likely that
with the ability to define new operators, the need for some of the
built-in ones that go added in ZetaLisp might be reduced.

I've yet to acquire any of the "public domain" versions of Loop that
reportedly exist. Does anyone have pointers to  the FTP-able versions of