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Revised ISO discussion, revised DRAFT Gegenda and Subcommittee meetings

I didn't keep a copy of the original message from Cris to which I was
responding, but I think he was asking in it why no times had been set
aside for subcommittee meetings in Hawaii. My response (since Jan was not
around to answer) was simply to point out what I thought was the
well-known fact that the Hawaii meeting has been long intended to be the
last major technical meeting with most decisions being made at or before
it.  Therefore, subcommittee meetings are not necessary unless they are to
decide how to run voting on topics.

This wasn't meant to disparage the work of any subcommittee, but there
happen to be several that will not be able to contribute to the current
draft standard.  If the iteration committee has hit upon *the* approach to
iteration, that is wonderful, and maybe it is so wonderful that X3J13 will
want to leave the draft open until the iteration work is done. Similarly,
the compiler and cleanup committees may not be able to get all of their
work completed for incorporation into the current draft. The character set
subcommittee is possibly closer to a vote than Cris considers (at least, I
hope it is).

But this is, alas, how natural selection works: The specimen dies before
progeny emerge.

In any event, I meant simply to mention that it was long known that this
meeting was the ultimate decision-making meeting, but that I didn't see
why X3J13 couldn't vote to overrule that. And however badly I said it,
that's all I meant.