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Ida response

  I don't think Ida's response was sent to our committee mailing
address.  I have attached it below.

---------------------------Ida response-----------------------

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Subject: Re:  X3J13 Character Subcommittee formation
Cc: ida%aoyama%utokyo-relay.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET,

Dear Thom Linden, the chairman of character subcomittee

Sorry for my laziness to make a late reply to your kind mail.
Since I have a university schedule during the next week,
I cannot attend and join the next X3J13 meeting.
I hope the next meeting will be blessed one.

As you know, I have no official responsibility to carry JIS things.
I returned to my desk at university, though many commercial companies
asked me to head their common Lisp committee which is a different one
from the official standardization committee and I continue to direct.

As for the multi-byte character manipulation extension,
I am very happy on hearing the subcommittee your headed was born.
In Japan, several implementations already started the project for thier
own impelementations of CL along this guide line.
I feel my role for the kanji issue was over with a success as long as I know.
The further real world is yours. It is my great pleasure to be in the future
one of the large users who enjoy the facility you and japanese companies
will decide.

  If you have something to ask or settle, and if you feel I can assist you,
please frankly tell me. I am young and I am not retired.

Two comments,
I will appreciate if you arrange the things on your committee are kept me
and I have a desire to attend on the Feb or March meeting if possible.

Thank you
Masayuki Ida