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Hello folks

We now have a chairman of the object-oriented programming subgroup:
Ken Kahn of Xerox Parc. I think he will make an excellent chairman
because he has extensive experience with both the MacLisp/ZetaLisp
style of doing things, Prolog, and LOOPS and InterLisp. For your information
I am including the current members of the mailing list.

I will now let Ken Kahn take over responsibility for the discussion.

David Matthews		HP		"hpfclp!objects%hplabs"@csnet-relay
Ken Sinclair		LMI		"khs%mit-oz"@mit-mc
Neil Goldman		ISI		GOLDMAN@ISI
Mark Stefik		Xerox		Stefik.pa@XEROX
John Foderaro		Berkeley	jkf@ucbmike.arpa
Jon Sticklen		Ohio State	Sticklen@rutgers
Danny Bobrow		Xerox		bobrow.pa@xerox
Jonathon Rees		MIT		jar@mc
Howard Cannon		Symbolics 	"hic%scrc"@mc
Jerry Duggan		Univ of Utah	duggan@utah-20
Dave Dyer		Symbolics	ddyer@isib
Christopher Stacy	MIT		cstacy@mc
Richard Greenblatt	LMI		"rg%oz"@mc
Scott Fahlman		CMU		fahlman@cmuc
Eric Schoen		Stanford	schoen@sumex
Gordon Novak		Univ. of Texas	novak@utexas-20
Kent Pitman		MIT		kmp@mc
Steve Handerson		CMU		handerson@cmuc
Dick Gabriel		Stanford/Lucid	rpg@sail
David Wile		ISI		Wile@ISI-VAXA
Martin Griss		HP		griss.hplabs@csnet-relay (I hope)
Walter VanRoggen	DEC		wvanroggen@dec-marlboro
Richard Zippel		MIT		rz@mc
Dan Oldman		Data General	not established
Larry Stabile		Apollo		not established
Bob Kessler		Univ. of Utah	kessler@utah-20
Steve Krueger		TI		krueger.ti-csl@csnet-relay
Carl Hewitt		MIT		hewitt-common-objects@mc
Alan Snyder		HP		snyder.hplabs@csnet-relay
Jerry Barber		Gold Hill	jerryb@mc
Bob Kerns		Symbolics	rwk@mc
Don Allen		BBN		allen@bbnf
David Moon		Symbolics	moon@scrc-stonybrook
Glenn Burke		MIT		GSB@mc
Tom Bylander		Ohio State	bylander@rutgers
Richard Soley		MIT		Soley@mc
Dan Weinreb		Symbolics	DLW@scrc-stonybrook
Guy Steele		Tartan		steele@tl-20a
Jim Meehan		Cognitive Sys.	meehan@yale
Chris Reisbeck		Yale		riesbeck@yale
Ron Fischer		Rutgers		fischer@rutgers
Jonl White		Xerox		jonl@xerox
Neal Feinberg		Symbolics	feinberg@scrc-stony-brook
Ken Kahn		Xerox		kahn@xerox