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Re: Whats Up?

The mailing list is alive and well though perhaps sleeping.
Basically I think that there are two suggestions that are currently
(1)  Define hooks that implementors of something like Flavors or Loops
would be satisfied with,
(2)  Define a new (and presumable better) object system.

I suggest that concerned parties make some concrete proposals along
either line and we'll discuss them on this mailing list.
(The Loops group hopes to have some proposal but soon but its too
premature to send it out yet.)

I don't mean to restrict discussion to the above, if someone wants to
raise technical issues, say about multiple inheritance or active values
or something feel free to do so.  Also the discussion about what this
group should be doing is not closed, its just I suspect that most people
have already put in their 2 cents worth on that issue.