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Object-oriented programming & Common Lisp meeting

It has been suggested that those of us that are at IJCAI next month meet
to talk about various proposals for object-oriented programming in
Common Lisp that are forming.  LMI expressed interest in talking about
Object Lisp, Xerox plans to have a proposal public by then, HP I would
guess would like to argue for their proposal, and rumor has it that
Symbolics is working on something.   Perhaps there are others.   I have
contacted IJCAI about getting a room on Thursday afternoon (free on the
schedule) and details are forthcoming.  I suggest that we plan on having
short 5-15 minute presentations per proposal and spend most of the time
talking about them.  Those who want to talk about a proposal should
contact me at the latest the week before IJCAI.  I think we should keep
this an open meeting.  The purpose is the bat around ideas -- not to
decide anything.

Does this sound reasonable?  Any objections?