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Sincere apologies

    Date: Wed 14 Aug 85 09:38:02-PDT
    From: Alan Snyder <AS%hplabs.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa>
    To: gls@aquinas.think.com

    For your information, I distributed a "polished" proposal for
    Common Lisp objects early this year, and this proposal has
    also been implemented.  I announced it only within the object
    oriented working group, rather than to the entire Common Lisp
    mailing list.  In case you are not aware, the Xerox proposal
    was not discussed at all within the working group prior to
    its recent announcement.  I haven't even seen it yet.

      Alan Snyder

    Date: Wed, 14 Aug 85 13:39:15 MDT
    From: kessler%utah-orion@utah-cs.arpa (Robert Kessler)
    To: gls@aquinas.think.com

    HP has also produced a proposal for a CL based object package.  It was
    circulated a number of months ago in a similar manner to Xerox.  I suspect
    the meeting will discuss the merits of both proposals.

    p.s. MOre information on the HP proposal can be obtained from Alan Snyder

Obviously I have put my foot in my mouth, and I am sorry for the slight to the
HP proposal.  I remember discussing with Alan Snyder that he was working on
such a proposal, but I don't recall ever seeing a copy of it.  Either I never
got one or my memory is poor.  In any case, I apparently was wrong to
characterize the Common Loops proposal as the first major polished proposal.
(Thank you, Alan and Bob, for bringing this faux pas to my attention.)
It is, however, nevertheless a major polished proposal, and my other remarks
about it still apply.

(I am also under the impression that I am actually on the
CL-OBJECT-ORIENTED-PROGRAMMING mailing list, and thought there was little
activity on it for the last few months.  However, suddenly today about fifteen
messages spanning July and August have appeared in my mailbox all at once, with
no notice that anyone forwarded them in any special way.  Dick, can you fix me
up on the mailing list if I'm not already?)