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Mlet & Mlabels

The scoping of methods defined by these constructs is intended to be
exactly as they are for functions in Flet and Labels. The motivation for
their existence is not centered on an intended use so much as by neccesity
for the intended semantics.

The question is: what does a specialization specialize?  The alternative
that is most often suggested is that defmethod specializes the function
cell of a symbol. This alternative indicates that a specialization is an
operation on symbols. Except for providing a hatrack on which to hang the
specialization's hat, I don't see that there is any more need to talk
about the symbol with respect to specializations than there is when
discussing functions. The better alternative, I think, is that one
specializes functions.

If we talk, then, about the specialization of functions, the obvious
question is how does one specialize an Flet or Labels function? When the
distinction between Defun and Defmethod is made, the argument of Mlet and
Mlabels is complete.