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Call for Papers OOPSLA86

		    Call For Papers and Participation
			    ACM Conference on
     Object Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications

            September 29 - October 2, 1986,  Portland, Oregon

OOPSLA-86 is a new ACM-sponsored conference that brings together users and
implementors of object oriented systems.  Through tutorials, papers, panel
discussions and workshops, as well as demonstrations, exhibits and
videotapes, OOPSLA-86 will provide a forum for sharing experience and
knowledge among experts and novices alike.

We invite technical papers, case studies, and surveys in the following

Theory:     		Including core definition of object oriented
			programming, semantic models and methodology.

Languages:  		Existing object oriented languages, extensions to
			conventional languages, and new languages.

Implementation:  	Including architectural support, compilation and
            		interpretation, and special techniques.

Tools and Environments:	Including user interfaces, utilities and
            		system support.

Applications:  		Commercial, educational, and scientific applications
			that exploit object oriented programming.

Related Work:  		The object oriented paradigm in other fields such as
			databases and operating systems.

Papers on other relevant topics are welcome, as are proposals for
workshops and panel discussions.

All papers will be refereed prior to selection and inclusion in the
conference proceedings.  Technical papers will be selected on the basis of
originality and contribution to the state of the art of design,
implementation, methodology, or practice.  Survey papers will be selected
on the basis of how well they crystallize and integrate, in a way not
previously presented, knowledge about one or more aspects of the field.

Papers must be submitted in English, and should be no longer than 25
double-spaced pages.  The cover page should include a title, an abstract
of not more than 100 words, and author's name, affiliation, address and
phone number.  Five copies must be received by the Program Chairman at the
address below, no later than April 1, 1986.  Authors will be notified of
acceptance by May 1, 1986, and final versions of accepted papers will be
due by June 15, 1986.  As the proceedings of this conference will be
widely disseminated, publication of more than an abstract of a submitted
paper is likely to inhibit republication in ACM's refereed publications.

A room at the conference will be reserved for video presentations that
illustrate or supplement the concepts conveyed in other presentations.
Submissions must run no longer than 15 minutes, and should be on 3/4-inch
U-Matic format tape.  Tapes must be received by the Video Chairman at the
address below, no later than July 1, 1986.


Conference Chairmen	Daniel Bobrow (Xerox PARC) (bobrow.pa@XEROX.ARPA)
			Alan Purdy (Servio Logic Development) 

Program Chairman	Daniel Ingalls, MS 22-Y
			Apple Computer
			20525 Mariani Ave.
			Cupertino, CA 95014

Video Chairman		David Robson (robson.pa@XEROX.ARPA)
			Xerox PARC
			3333 Coyote Hill Road
			Palo Alto, CA 94304