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Portable CommonLoops Export Status

I apologize for the wide distribution of this message, if you are not
interested in using Portable CommonLoops outside the United States of
America you can ignore this message.

To use PCL outside the USA, you must first send me a "letter of
assurance agreement".  A blank letter of assurance agreement is included
at the end of this message.  You should re-type it on your company (or
university) letterhead and have it signed by someone who has the
authority to sign such things.

After I have received the letter you can take PCL outside the USA, in
accordance with what it says in the letter of assurance agreement.


To: Gregor Kiczales
    Xerox Corporation
    3333 Coyote Hill Road
    Palo Alto, CA. 94304


"This Agreement is subject to United States Export Control Regulations.
Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, (NAME OF COMPANY) will not
directly or indirectly, any U.S. source technical data acquired from
Xerox, or any
products utilizing any such data, to Romania, Libya, Poland, Albania,
Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic (including East Berlin),
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolian People's Republic, Afghanistan,
Republic of China,  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Cuba, North
Vietnam, Kampuchea (Cambodia), Laos or to any other country from which
the U.S. Government or any agency therof at the time of export requires
an export license or
other governmental approval, without first obtaining the written consent
to do so
from the Department of Commerce or other agency of the U.S. Government
whenever required by an applicable statute or regulation."


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