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Re: symbol-macrolet

>     Date: Thu, 19 Nov 87 17:13 PST
>     From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM

>     I suppose we should say explicitly that the symbol macros are recorded
>     in the macroexpansion environment so that macroexpand-1 of a symbol
>     which is a symbol-macro will expand it.

> I thought we were going to allow SYMBOL-MACROLET to be implemented in a
> portable way, as something that fully macroexpands the form given and
> then makes substitutions for symbols in it.  During macroexpansion the
> symbol-macrolet'ed symbols would be just like other symbols, which seems
> okay since they are (I think) supposed to be used in ways that are
> semantically like variables; certainly that's true in the case of

This is, in fact, how LET-PSEUDO (our version of SYMBOL-MACROLET) works.
First, all macros are expanded, and then the symbols are macroleted. User
defined macros thus treat the symbols like regular symbols, which is what, 
I think, you want when considering them as variables, as you mentioned. 
The macroexpansion environment is left untouched.