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Re: Meeting next week

     Date: 9 Dec 87 14:24 PST
     From: Danny bobrow <bobrow.pa@xerox.com>
     Subject: Meeting next week
     In order for the meeting next week to be fruitful, it is necessary that people
     be taking the current draft as a serious proposal.  Clearly Patrick and Jim
     have, but we have not heard from all of you.  The last meeting was successful
     because we had a set of open issues that constituted an agenda.  To make such
     up, it would be most useful to have comments on the current draft of the
     document by Friday morning our time so we can see where there are
     misunderstandings, patches to be made, and issues that need to be discussed.  If
     people don't have the time to do the preparation for next week's meeting, then
     perhaps we should not have it, but that would be very sad.

I talked to David Moon last week, before he went to vacation. He told me he read
the proposal and we discussed some issues. My comments reflect this. 

I thought that we were also supposed to talk about the second chapter, we need
a face to face meeting for that, so please don't give up.

Speaking of open issues, I would like to add the following to the list of open
issues for the third chapter:

- Make-instance interface for classes, generic-function, and methods.

- Compile-file behaviour and environment support.