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Re: add-method

    Now that we've moved (make-instance 'standard-method ...) to
    the meta-object protocol chapter, I'd like to suggest that we move
    add-method there as well.  add-method no longer seems to belong in
    with the programmer interface functions, since there is no longer a
    programmer interface level way of creating its second argument (a
    method object).  (The only way one can currently get one's hands on
    a method object using the programmer interface level functions is
    to call get-method on another generic function, or, of course, to
    call defmethod).
Since there are ways of getting methods, and moving methods is a reasonable
thing to do, I think it is still reasonable to have add-method in chapter 2.
Didn't we agree that in the long run, there will only be two chapters - with
extensions to chapters 1 and 2.