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Re: reinitialization protocol

    Date: Fri, 29 Jan 88 08:53:13 PST
    From: kempf%hplabsz@hplabs.HP.COM

    > ;;; Generic functions for managing the dependents of an object.  This is

    Perhaps this is in the mop document, but, can you give a short, high level
    description of what exactly a "dependent" is? With an example? I briefly
    looked over my back mail and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

Dependents are based on the idea Patrick proposed in Boston that a
class, when it depends on the state of another class, would record
itself as a dependent to be notified of any changes.

The standard methods arrange that:

For all C1,C2 if member(C2, cpl(C1)) then C1 is a dependent of C2.

In english, whenever a class C1 inherits from another class C2, C1 is a
dependent of C2.  The fact that C1 is recorded as a dependent of C2
means that whenever C2 changes, C1 will have update dependent called on