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Re: class updating protocol

     Date: 29 Jan 88 09:23 PST
     From: Danny Bobrow <Bobrow.pa@xerox.com>
     Subject: Re: class updating protocol
         Does update-dependent call update-dependent on its dependents,
         or is the dependent structure flat? This probably needs to be
     The intent was that update-dependent would flat.  Of course, if the way a
     particlar method on update-dependent works is to call reinitinaize-instance then
         Why does finalize-inheritance have to do its work by calling 
         (UPDATE-DEPENDENT class class)?  It seems backward to me. Why can't
         UPDATE-DEPENDENT call (FINALIZE-INHERITANCE dependent), and
         FINALIZE-INHERITANCE do the slot and CPL computation?
     Because finalize-inheritance is defined to do nothing after the first time that
     inheritance is finalized.  This is to avoid having redundant calls to
     finalize-inheritance recompute each time.

I understand that, but why does finalize-inheritance have to be called
redundantly? the code that calls it can check the status of the class
before. This seems cleaner.