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Announcing New Journal on Object-Oriented Programming

For those of you who have not yet heard, there is a new journal dedicated
to object-oriented programming. The name is the Journal of Object-Oriented
Programming and the address is:

	Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
	P.O. Box 66338
	Woodland Park, CO

The editor in chief is Dr. Richard Wiener from U. Colorado at Colorado

People who have interesting applications using the PCL implementation
of CLOS, New Flavors, or other Lisp object-oriented languages are
encouraged to send in manuscripts. You can also send them to me if
you want, since I'm the review board representative for Lisp.

The first issue is due out in May, and it is targeted for 6 issues a
year, in case you care to subscribe.

Editorial Comment:

I think it is extremely important that people in the object-oriented
programming community using Lisp based object-oriented languages become
more visible. Many of the more technically innovative uses of object-oriented
programming are coming from Lisp users, but the object-oriented community
at large often ignores Lisp object-oriented programmers.