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dealing with 1+2 comments

I am getting ready to address the comments we have received on chapter 1
and 2.  This message explains how I intend to proceed, what I am going
to do, and what I am going to ask others to do.

I am going to start by separating the comments into editorial comments
and technical comments.  An editorial comment is one which is directed
at the text of the specification.  These need to be addressed by
clarifying some part of the specification.  This usually means adding a
small amount of text explaining a particular situation.  A technical
comment is one which is directed at the actual design of CLOS.  These
comments need to be addressed by either explaining why we choose to
leave CLOS as it is, or what change we made to address the comment and
why we made that change.

I will collect all the editorial comments that have been sent to the
mailing list into one message.  I will send this message to the whole
list.  I will ask someone else to volunteer to address these comments by
making the appropriate changes in the specification.

I will then take the technical comments and, with David's help, I will
come to a preliminary decision as to what our response should be. As
described above, the response may suggest that we make some change to
the design, or it may just be an explanation of why we chose to leave
things as they were.  I will write up these preliminary responses and
send them to the entire mailing list.

At that point, everyone should comment on the appropriateness of the
responses David and I came up with.  The usual round robin of messages
can be used to reach closure on this.

I will then rework the responses to conform to what we have decided.  I
will let someone else volunteer to make the appropriate changes to the

The bad news is that we have less than two weeks to do this whole thing,
including reach closure on the open issues having to do with