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Re: symbol-class is bad name

How about the following change too (for consistency):

(GET-METHOD gf qualifiers specializers &optional errorp)

==>  (FIND-METHOD gf qualifiers specializers &optional errorp)

(ADD-METHOD gf method)             and
(REMOVE-METHOD gf method)

==>  (SETF (FIND-METHOD gf qualifiers specializers &optional errorp) 

Perhaps explicitly stating the qualifiers and specializers in the (SETF
FIND-METHOD) function eliminates the need for "Agreement on Parameter
Specializers and Qualifiers".  Maybe this doesn't make sense if the
qualifiers and specializers are already stored in the method object itself.

Also, maybe ADD-METHOD and REMOVE-METHOD should persist for efficiency
(since you may already have a handle on the method object) but be promoted
to the meta-object level.  Then (SETF FIND-METHOD) should be defined in
terms of them.