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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is available from concep.tex[cls,lsp] or concep.dvi[cls,lsp]
on SAIL. Except for what we decide to do with check-keyword-arguments,
pagination, and a new X3J13 number this should be the final version.
I've removed all pagination commands from the tex source, so the
pagination will be bad. (That is, no comments about it, please.)

Sonya and Dave: I also tried to tidy up the description of what happens to
local and shared slots in the section on redefining a class. I think the
previous version required the reader to have too much state in mind while
reading. Please look at this section carefully.

I will be away monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and I think we should aim
for mailing a week from Monday. That means the copy shop must have them
by friday afternoon.