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where I'm going, etc.

I will be leaving Symbolics this Friday, and my new job is not
Lisp-related or CLOS-related.    I'm sorry to say that this means I
won't be able to continue going to meetings at X3J13, or keeping up with
the rest of the CLOS work.    I hope to be able to stay on the CLOS
mailing list at my new company, and maybe help out with editing of the
Meta-object chapter now and then.

I did finish writing my book, about one day after we voted to accept
CLOS.  The book will be available within a couple of weeks.  It's called
"Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp:   A Programmer's Guide to
CLOS", and it is being published by Addison-Wesley and Symbolics Press.
I hope everyone will read and enjoy it. 

I have many mixed feelings about leaving this community, especially when
my book is just about to be published, and while there is still much
work to be done on the Meta-object protocol and on the Common Lisp
specification itself.    Certainly, working with the CLOS group has been
a great honor, a wonderful learning experience, and a lot of fun over
the last two years.   

My new job will be a real departure, although it is still in the
computer software field.   The company is called "ITP boston" and they
do factory-automation software.    They are spinning off a company to
develop and market a product, and I'll be leading the documentation 
effort of the new spinoff.

I looked for a job that would allow me to continue my CLOS and Lisp
work, but I didn't find anything that really felt right.   Maybe
something will eventually turn up in that field for me, and you'll see 
me at meetings again.   

In any case, if you're in Boston and want to meet me for lunch or 
dinner, GIVE ME A CALL!  I'd very much like to keep in touch.  If the
phone numbers below change for any reason, ask David Moon where I am.

My home phone is:   617-648-4323 (Arlington, Mass.) 
On August 8, my work phone will be:   617-499-4200 (Cambridge)