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Re: remote environments

> In this message I question, once again, the existence of remote
> metaobjects.  I may be behind the times here, but since no one answered
> the long message I sent about why we could do without remote metaobjects
> I am still stuck at that point.
> I don't understand these comments.  It seems to me that the only real
> questions are "is there a remote class object?" and "if so, how are
> remote functions represented?".

I don't see that we need to have separate classes for representing
things in the remote environment.  The problem with closures is very
easily dealt with by performing compile-time remote-environment
definitions only for top-level forms.  So I would say that yes there are
class objects in the remote environment and they look just like any
other class objects.  Generic functions and methods are another matter
though; permitting compile-time instantiation of classes in the remote
environment should not be difficult, but it may not be very useful
without having the methods for that class available.

>     > This is an interesting idea, but I think it's too restrictive.  Here's a
>     > plausible and many-times proposed application for metaobjects which
>     > would not be possible if we adopted this idea.  Suppose you made an
>     > optimizing compiler that is allowed to assume that no class
>     > redefinitions, no method redefinitions, and no newly-defined subclasses
>     > will be created at run time.  The compiler is to take advantage of this
>     I certainly don't want to prevent any implementation from doing that.
>     The real issue is what is the minimal functionality that all
>     implementations must support.
> As Moon says in a later message, the issue here is not what the
> implementation can do, its what portable programs can do.  It needs to
> be the case that one can write a portable, metaobject `compiler'.  Many
> people have wanted to do this.  People currently do this with PCL which
> surely has no remote metaobjects.

It sounds like there are two issues here:  (1) what a
standard-conforming Common Lisp compiler is required to do, and (2) what
a portable program is able to do with the meta-object protocol features
provided.  I was only addressing (1), but it sounds like you and Moon
have (2) in mind.