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names of classes in the standard?

Does anybody have a list of the standard classes that are specified by
the CLOS spec?  The list on pages 1-16 and 1-17 includes the ones
corresponding to type names already in the language, but not things
like STANDARD-OBJECT and STRUCTURE-CLASS that are implied to be
standard class names elsewhere in the document.  (There is also no
specification of what the class precedence lists are for these

I'm aware that there is another list in chapter 3 of the document, but
since this was not voted in by X3J13, there is some doubt as to
whether symbols like CLASS name classes and are supposed to be
external symbols in the COMMON-LISP package.  It would be helpful to
get a reference to the place in the CLOS document where the
specification of the class appears.  I have not been able to locate
where in the CLOS document some of the class specifiers that appear in
the most recent draft of the CL standard were originally defined.