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May Day PCL won't compile in HP Lucid 3.0

What is the correct address for PCL bug reports like this one?

I hesitate to mail it to CommonLoops@Xerox.com, for fear that will go
to too broad an audience, but there doesn't seem to be anything else
advertised in the get-pcl.text file that comes with PCL. And
bug-CommonLoops@Xerox.com doesn't exist.

Anyway, on with the bug report:

This error occurs on an HP 835, HP-UX 7.0, Lucid 3.0, base-lisp, with
no lisp-init file loaded.

I cannot compile the "5/1/90 May Day PCL (REV 2)" release of PCL,
using either Lucid's production or development compiler. Below are two
transcripts, from a compile-pcl session with each, because they stop
in different places.

I deleted pcl/*.hbin before doing each of these sessions. 
Also, there's a bunch of package export warnings from lucid-low that
could be cleaned up.

;;; HP Common Lisp, Development Environment, 29 January 1990.
;;; HP-9000, Series 800, Product no. HP92640, Rev. X.0