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    I have just spoken with John Osborn of Digital Press on this subject.
    He said that Digital Press is agreeable to an arrangement whereby ANSI
    receives permission royalty-free to use any or all contents of CLtL for
    the purposes of developing a Common Lisp standard (while Digital Press
    retains the right to publish present and future editions of the existing

This is great news.  We will want to go over the current manual very
carefully, and maybe change its format, on the way to a standard, but
the ability to use chunks of the Digital Press text verbatim along with
parts of the Lucid version will save a lot of work.

    (I still have some concerns about potential
    confusion over which book is the official Common Lisp; if CLtL continues
    into future editions, I think it must change its character so as not to
    be confusable with the ANSI standard.)

I don't think that this will be a problem.  All future Digital Press
editions should explicitly state that the ANSI standard, once adopted,
is definitive, and the ANSI version should have eagles and other
Official Looking Stuff on the cover.

-- Scott