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message from/re Ida

Here is a message I received from Masayuki Ida last week.  I
think it was partially in response to my separate ISO work to
generate international participation.  The Professor Ikuo Nakata
that he mentions is the head of the Japanese delegation to
ISO/TC97/SC22 (the immediate group under which our ISO working
group would operate).  Nakata's recommendation means that we
should find a place for Ida.  There may be other appropriate
Japanese too (I think this is the point of Fahlman's message on
20 April).

-- Bob
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Subject: I am the chair of the Common Lisp committee of Japan
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Dear Dr. Bob Mathis;

     It is the first letter to you.
Let me introduce myself. I am charing the common Lisp committee japan.
This committee was established on April 1985 under Japan Electronic
Industries Developement Association (JEIDA).
We 24 corporate members including US company, such as Symbolics, xerox,
Digital(DEC), univac, data general, and so on.
I have presented the existance of the committee at IJCAI'85 press conference
by myself.
As I am the translator of CLtL into japanese, gls knows me very well.
please refer him for my qualifications.

I have informed that you will organizing a committee X3J13 and a ISO one.
I got a message from several persons including Guy Steele, F.Kunze,
D. Bobrow when I met them at their room each.
They suggested me to attend the ANSI committee or ISO committee if possible.
I want to present the status of japan as to Common Lisp, and
I want to have a communication with you.

I have a plan to make a subset standard.
Private proposal was appeared at October meeting, and currently
working group for the subset is working with my private proposal.

I also have a proposal for japanese character representation.
It will conform with the AT&T UNIX standard for japanese character representation.
I already got a opinion of symbolics, xerox digital or other company.
TI asked their japanese representative to send my proposal to them.

The above two activities were already reported to several persons via UUCP network.
Fortunatelly, from April 6th 1986, My computer center was joined to CSNET.
So, communication with US persons will be much easier and will be much more firm.

Prof. Nakata of Tukuba university, who is the member of ISO SC22, asked me
to attend ISO lisp committee if the things will be going.

I wrtoe too much things on the first letter.
Please forgive me to send this suddden letter to you.

If you have an interest to me and my activity,
please send a mail to me. I will send a documents to you after I receive
your mail.

Thanks for reading this miss-spell-full letter.

Masayuki Ida
phD, Associate professor
Aoyama Gakuin University
Atsugi, Morinosato Aoyama 1-1
Kanagawa, Japan 243-01
tel:  +81 462 48 1221 ext 4526
  or home: +81 462 33 4004

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