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Re: Chairman

I am willing to serve as Chairman.  I don't understand rowing
very much, but I get the impression that the rowers do most of
the work and the coxswain has a role in coordination and timing.
That is somewhat of how I understand my chairmanship -- I am
depending on the real Lisp experts to do a lot of the work to
make sure we keep on the right course.

If we are moving to vote on something we need a balloting
process.  My next message to cl-steering will be a balloting
message.  To vote, reply to that message.  We should also set a
normal timing for ballots -- say at least a week and closing on
Tuesday night (that would take care of end-of-week, weekend, and
first-of-week types to all have a chance to see the ballot
message and respond.  A ballot message should not have general
discussion, only information about the vote.

-- Bob