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Sorry this didn't go out because of my typing mistake.  In my
opinion, we do not have to form a corporation just to hold the
copyright.  For the moment we can begin work on a new document
and we own it until its copyright is assigned; if ANSI doesn't
accept what we have done, they have no right to withhold it from
publication.  -- Bob
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Scott, et al,

I will take on the direct negotiation with ANSI on this point.
Scott's point about a prearranged royalty is a good fall back
position.  The main thing to ANSI seems to be recovering the
basic cost of publication (not so much a concern for profits).
When we did Ada, DoD provided ANSI some copies that were to be
given to other national standards bodies.  A similar idea here
might take some of the financial pressure off.  It may also be
possible to arrange some other publication mechanism.

I understand Scott's point about not wanting to make the same
mistakes over again.

About timing; this is going to take a few months.  There is no
problem with our working to make a derived work from the Steele
book and including whatever from the Lucid manual that may be
appropriate (both seem willing to let us start from their current
works if they have some rights to use the result).  We have not
at this point made any commitment to ANSI or X3 to give them the
result of our work.  All these things have to be negotiated.

I talked to some ANSI people earlier this week.  They keep
reminding me that I never do anything quite the usual way; but I
remind them that I've had enough of that same old stuff.  Anyway
they think there is something that can be worked out.  The next
couple of weeks are bad ones for them, because of another large
meeting in the US.  I will try to arrange a time when I can meet
with them and work things out face-to-face.

So far I have not seen any message on this topic which disagrees
with my philosophy or approach.  If any of you think there are
other points to consider or options to be explored, PLEASE LET ME


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