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Here is the proposal of the Lisp experts group from AFNOR for a New
Work Item. This proposal will be submitted to Mr Mathis for opening 
discussion.  This is quite short because i only have to fill a form
with  little space devoted to text,  but the items listed cover the
main issues we expect of this standard.

Draft Proposal for a New Work Item 
15/May/1986         ISO/TC97/SC22

Title : Specifications for computer programming Language LISP

Purpose : the standard will specify 1) the syntax and semantics of the language
2) the conformity requirements 3) the host operating system requirements
3) the run-time libraries definitions 4) the mechanisms to build
developpment environnement libraries.
The standard will provide 1) equal semantics between interpreted and 
compiled execution 2) efficient implementations on general purpose 
computers 3) true portable applications (including graphics, mouse device, 
windowing systems, objects, error handling ...).

Existing Documents :
"Common-Lisp : The language", Digital Press
"Euâ??Lisp Proposals for an International Standard", (available from AFNOR)

Other comments : If approved by TC97 and if NWI is assigned to SC22, SC22
will establish a new Working Group.

Christian Queinnec