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Mark Your Calendars

There will be a meeting of the object-oriented programming group after the
Lisp conference. I will ask Bert Halstead to find a room at MIT or
Symbolics that will hold around 50 - 100 people.  I propose that it be
held starting around 2pm on the last day of the Lisp conference, 2pm being
after the conference is over.  Shall I send this out over the main mailing

On another note, let me bring you up to date on the Lucid manual
situation. There is a major, unexpected complication in the use of the
manual. The best situation for us (this committee) is that Lucid allows a
derived work with little or no constraint. However, suppose Lucid simply
agrees to that, and the derived work is not sufficiently different from
the original that the usual copyright tests would fail; that is, that the
derived work would have been judged a copyright enfringement of the
original.  The fact that Lucid released the derived work implies a release
of the original. The lawyers can solve this, but none of us would want to
sign that document.

Bob Mathis and Lucid's lawyers are proceeding on this front, though