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Where we stand

    I take it you decided to ignore my contention that the only viable format
    for working documents is straight text with no formatting commands obscuring it?

No, but I decided to disagree with it.  As I said at the time in mail I
hope you got, I think that having a way of quickly whipping up a
decent-looking document with an index, visible section headings, and
some way of getting at distinctive fonts for emphasis and for code
examples will be valuable during the development process.  I don't think
that a lot of effort should go into making the document beautiful at
this point, but I want it to be reasonably functional and not just
80-column uglitext for reading on terminals.

If the others feel as you do, I'd be willing to discuss this, but I got
the impression that you were the only one who held this view.  The one
who does the work of assembling the new document gets a slightly bigger
vote, I think.

-- Scott