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Japanese and European participation

 From Japan we may need to include a number of people.  Ida seems
connected into the standards establishment.  That is not the same
as being the most influential for Common Lisp's acceptance in a
broader community.  From all our talk it seems we want Ida and
some others.  I think we should invite Ida to participate and
help us find the other appropriate people.

I think we should invite Chailloux to join us too.  It would be
appropriate for Scott to correspond with him or phone him to talk
about what's involved.  There may be a couple of other Europeans,
but let's start with Chailloux.  He'll be concerned about a
willingness to discuss the "European view" and trying to blunt US
dominance.  [About US dominance -- I pointed out in a low key way
that the US was prepared to participate very actively in any ISO
language standardization effort and that having a European
convenor was not the way, necessarily, to smooth things out.  I
tried to portray myself as about the most acceptable neutral
broker that they were likely to get.]

We need to do something on both the Japanese and European
participation.  Since we expect most of the people we are
considering to be at the Boston meeting, we should have invited
their participation before then.  We should have another round of
commenting on the net that concludes with the rest of you saying
"Bob and Scott do it."

-- Bob