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EuLisp and Boston

For your information
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Subject:  Standards meeting at Boston
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I heard recently from Bob Mathis that he had contacted you about the
possiblity of holding a meeting during the LISP conference about LISP
standardisation.  As you might have heard, there is also considerable
interest in this matter in Europe too, such that there is a group of
people meeting monthly to develop a standards proposal.  That european
group generally meets on the first Monday of every month, which in August
coincides with the first day of the LISP conference, therefore it was
agreed that we would try to hold the August meeting of the EuLISP committee
during the Boston meeting.  We also feel it is particularly important that
there should be one such standards meeting and so we would like the
general discussion on standards and our monthly meeting (at least those
parts of it that are not too boring and organisational) to be held
jointly.  Will it be possible for you to arrange a room for this?

--Julian (Padget)

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