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Joe's right.  The following is in the archives...
    Date: Wed 3 Oct 84 06:38:36-PDT
    From: Martin <GRISS%hplabs.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa>
    Subject: Chairman
    To: cl-subsets%su-ai.arpa@csnet-relay.arpa
    Cc: GRISS@hplabs.CSNET
    Source-Info:  From (or Sender) name not authenticated.

    I am willing to act as chairman/co-ordinator of the cl-subsets group.

    I am currently exploring to what degree PSL (with appropriate
    modifications) could be viewed as a CL subset. The version of PSL we
    use at HP and some universities, has a significant CL compatibility
    module (package system, pathnames, new reader, etc.).  With some
    changes, and the installation of this module in the basic system, a
    useful and fast "PSL strength" subset could be evolved. We are writing
    a simple translator to aid the transition from "old" PSL to "new" PSL.

    I will first submit an initial proposal to the PSL and Standard LISP
    communities for discussion, and then share the revised versions and
    comments with the rest of our working group.

    Are there any other subset proposals/partial compatibility packages or
    translators (from subset to subset) being "brewed" out there?

    Martin Griss