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[no subject]

Please put REM@IMSSS on the list. I don't think IMSSS is currently in
any name domain, or if it is I don't know what it would be, but mail
can be forwarded via SU-SCORE.ARPA by using this address from the
Arpanet:  REM%IMSSS@SCORE.ARPA  from SU-AI it's a little harder because @
is reserved as a command to read text from an indirect file, so you
have to say "REM%IMSSS"%SCORE from here.

I think Common LISP as defined has a plethoria of seldom-used functions
and defining a workable subset for tiny machines (8080/z80 with 2â??16
bytes of memory or less) and small machines (PDP-10 with 2â??18 36-bit words)
is necessary if this is to be a truly common implementation instead of
a snob language for those with 68000 or LISPM or VAX or IBM-4033
that won't run on any smaller machine.