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One week, or even two weeks, is a preposterously short time for
making decisions that will affect this language for years to come.
You're being totally unrealistic, in my opinion.  I think you
ought to multiply the two time periods in your proposal by a factor
of at least five, preferably more.

By the way, I have not yet read any of the mail sent to the Common-Lisp
mailing list during July, except for a few short ones, and I will not
be able to do so for another week.  When I counted them two days ago
there were 59 unread messages.  It would be grossly irresponsible of me
to whip through those messages in a hurry, instead of saving them for
a time when I am able to give them the careful consideration they deserve.
I expect there are other people both on the technical committee and on
the general common-lisp mailing list in the same boat.

So I don't even know yet what these proposals are that you're talking
about, never mind having an intelligent opinion about their merits and
their possible effects on diverse implementations of the language.