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More wood for the flames...

[our mailer died on the first try on this, hopefully you're not seeing
this twice]

1)  Into all this discussion about making CLX more o-o-like, I'd like to
throw out the following question: Why X at all?  Why not a Postscript
based window system, since Postscript is already an o-o language?  The
obvious objection is that NeWS only runs on Suns, I'll admit, but then
again, X only runs on some machines too... 

2) I'd like to propose that the discussion move off of common-loops
onto common-windows.

3) A request for info:  One of the thousand blooms (shades of thousand
points of light ?:-) is CLUE.  Is anyone working on other interfaces?
What happened to the Common-Windows consortium (Yes, I'll admit that
there are objections to common-windows too)?  The last I ever heard
from them was an offer for people to help them... 


Arun Welch
Lisp Systems Programmer, Lab for AI Research, Ohio State University