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I read your note mentioning that you had succeeded in getting clue to run
under lucid 3.0.  If so, I would love to know how.  I have tried to compile
clue on the Sun using Lucid CL 2.1.3, and got many errors (some of which
I fixed).  I decided to pull out TI's implementation of CLOS and substitute
the latest PCL version instead.  Still, I get errors simply compiling.  CLUE
is littered with #+explorer statements, leading me to believe that lisp
machines probably have been tested, but I wonder if it even works on a SUN.
I have checked with one of the authors of CLUE, Sun sales types, and LUCID.
None of these people are familiar with CLUE on a SUN.  The type of errors
I see (calls to the SI package in their version of CLOS, for example) lead
me to believe that it's never been tested for lucid. Perhaps part of my 
problem is that we don't have lucid 3.0.

If you have succeeded in running CLUE, I would like to know what version (and
the specific configuration) you used.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Elaine Lusher