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Newer version of preliminary clx document available

   Date: Fri, 24 Feb 89 19:34:58 CST
   From: Mikie <myjak@home.csc.ti.com> (Michael D. Myjak)

   A newer version of the preliminary CLX document can be found on
   csc.ti.com:~ftp/pub/clx.doc (and clx.doc.Z for the compressed

   Please feel free to use anonymous ftp to grab a copy of this
   *preliminary* document. Look for a complete version to be available
   around the end of next month. Tech-pubs will be generating the
   official copy, but, alas, the format will not be compatible for
   FTP. I will post again when and where hard copies will be available.

Michael D. Myjak

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