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A couple of Lisp and X products

I saw a couple of interesting products (well, saw 1, heard about the
other) here in D.C. last week: X Remote Screen from ILA, and Express
Windows from Liszt Programming, inc (Arlington, VA).

A fellow from ILA came to speak at the SLUG meeting.  Among other
products (their port of the X server has been panned elsewhere) they
have a product that will allow code that usually talks to the
Symbolics' screen/keyboard to also talk to an X server with no code
modifications (eg., run the document examiner from a Sun).  This one I
didn't get to see.

Liszt has a toolkit built on top of CLX.  Supposedly provides much of
the same functionality as Symbolics, eg accepting-values.  The demos
they showed looked a lot like a Symbolics screen, but it was running
on a Sun.  They said that the calls looked a lot like those for a
Symbolics program to make it easy to (a) port an existing application,
or (b) write for X if you were familiar with Symbolics.  They were
particularly proud of their quick screen updating.

-Aaron Temin