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   > At Northeastern University in Boston, we are developing Lisp-based 
   > software on a stock Symbolics 3600 running Genera 7.2, and 
   > on MacIvory machines running Genera 7.4.  We are interested in 
   > using CLUE/CLX for interface development.
   > Can you briefly indicate what software we'll need to make this go?
   > Are CLUE/CLX compatible with X11 R.3?

Yes.  In fact, you'll find the most recently-released versions of both CLX and
CLUE in the R3 distribution.  See lib/CLX and contrib/toolkits/clue.  Both of
these systems are portable Common Lisp which should run under Genera right out
of the box, with little or no modification.

You will need CLOS to make CLUE work.  For many, this means getting PCL from
Gregor Kiczales at Xerox PARC.  Ftp from arisia.xerox.com in the /pcl directory
or inquire at CommonLoops.pa@xerox.com. Alternatively, you can use CLOS-KLUDGE.
This is a simple implementation of a CLOS subset that comes with CLUE. It is
sufficient for getting started with CLUE programming, but not for truly
interesting development.